Temps Utile (Pre-Order)

Temps Utile (Pre-Order)

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Introducing Temps Utile, the 6x clock generating module, and precisely calibrated by Conjured Circuits. These premium modules are built with love in the USA. All sales are final.

Buy with confidence! These builds are of professional retail quality, using solder reflow techniques. Steer clear of the fly-by-night hand soldered junk out there!

Module: Temps Utile v1c, White on Black OLED Screen, Premium Bourns Encoders and Black Rogan Knobs

Panel:  Premium Black Matte PCB Oscillosaurus Panel with gold ENIG & white silkscreen lettering.

In The Box: Temps Utile Module, Power Cable, M3 Screws, 1-yr Warranty, documentation on MIT & GPLv3 Licenses

Under CC-by-SA license via https://github.com/mxmxmx/temps_utile-


  • 2 Clock Inputs
  • 4 CV inputs (bipolar +/- 5V, assignable to any parameter)
  • 6 clock outputs (5 digital: 10V, 1 DAC (12 bit; +/- 6V))
  • 6 modes, selectable per channel:
  • Clock division/multiplication (pulse-width, multiplier): available across all modes.
  • LFSR (length, tap1, tap2)
  • Random (N (threshold))
  • Euclidian (N (length), K (fill), offset)
  • Logic (operator (AND, OR, XOR, NAND, XNOR, NOR), operand1, operand2)
  • Trigger sequencer/sequence editor (4 user patterns per channel (length: 4-16), pattern rotation)
  • Channel 4: DAC mode (on channel #4) (random, binary sequencer, LFSR ('turing'), logistic map)
  • External clock/internal timer 
  • Flexible CV mapping (inputs can be assigned to any parameter)

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