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Introducing Ornament & Crime, the quad quantizing CV processor/generator module, and precisely calibrated by Conjured Circuits. These premium modules are built with love in the USA. All sales are final.

Buy with confidence! These builds are of professional retail quality, using solder reflow ovens. Steer clear of the fly-by-night hand soldered junk out there!

Module: Ornament & Crime v2e (v1.3 firmware), White on Black OLED Screen, Premium Bourns Encoders and Black Rogan Knobs, Ultra Low Noise OPA2172 op amps.

Panel:  Premium Black Matte PCB Oscillosaurus Panel with gold ENIG & white silkscreen lettering.

In The Box: Ornament & Crime Module, Power Cable, M3 Screws, 1-yr Warranty, documentation on MIT & GPLv3 Licenses

Under CC-by-SA license via https://github.com/mxmxmx/O_C


  • 4x CV outputs (16 bit), 'in-the-loop' compensated, for proper DC accuracy. output range: -3v / +6v
  • 4x CV inputs (-3.5v / +6.5v, 12bit, 100k input impedance).
  • 4x digital inputs (100k input impedance, threshold ~ 2.5V)
  • trigger-to-quantized-output latency < 100us
  • 128x64 1.3" OLED display
  • reprogrammable / open-source
  • 85mA (@120MHz)

Firmware (Apps):

  • CopierMaschine: quantising, four stage analogue shift register (ASR), with user-editable scales.
  • Harrington 1200: basic neo-Riemannian Ton-Netz transformations
  • Automatonnetz: combines Ton-Netz transforms with a "vector" sequencer
  • Quantermain: quad quantiser with user-editable scales + built-in "Turing Machines"
  • Quadraturia: wavetable quadrature LFO
  • Low-rents: dual Lorenz and Rössler generators (strange attractors)
  • Piqued: quad voltage-controlled envelope generators
  • Dialectic Ping Pong: quad bouncing balls
  • Viznutcracker, sweet!: quad "byte beat" equation generator
  • References: a simple utility app that outputs specific reference voltages

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