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Only applies to Mutable Instruments modules using the STM32F103CBT6 (Braids, Peaks, Streams, Tides, & Yarns). These processors are verified working when they leave our shop. We offer no additional build support whatsoever.

Processors are flashed to order and have a 3-day processing time.

If you're considering getting into the wonderful world of Mutable Instruments DIY Modules, one of the more daunting tasks involves flashing the ARM processor via a Linux Vagrant environment or Virtual Machine, not to mention having to buy the serial adapters to do it!

We here at Conjured Circuits offer a service to flash these processors with the latest Mutable firmware of your choice (including third party, "hacked" enthusiast firmware)!

The processor will be flashed in-house via our adapters, meaning you will get the bare chip loaded with firmware, ready to be soldered to your DIY module!